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Let's feed Dover PA some Spaghetti!

Dover, PA, recently implemented Intelligent Design into their school curriculum. In appreciation of this event, word of the Great Flying Spaghetti Monster should be spread to them, since, as proponents of 'intelligent design', they would obviously be including FSM in their new biology content.

The District website is: http://www.dover.k12.pa.us

Staff Located at Administration Building of
Dover Pennsylvania School Administrative Offices
2 School Lane Dover, PA 17315 717.292.3671

Nilsen Richard rnilse@dover.k12.pa.us Superintendent

Baksa Michael mbaksa@dover.k12.pa.us Assistant Superintendent

Aumen Amy aaumen@dover.k12.pa.us Administrative Assistant to Assistant

Breighner Tina
tbreig@dover.k12.pa.us Human Resources Coordinator

Brodbeck Joyce gbrouw@dover.k12.pa.us Payroll Coordinator

Brouwer Gail
gbrouw@dover.k12.pa.us Switchboard, Substitutes

Butterfield AC
abutte@dover.k12.pa.us Language Arts Supervisor

Cable John
jcable@dover.k12.pa.us Groundsman

Caldwell Thomast
caldw@dover.k12.pa.us Maintenance Foreman

Curry Deborah
dcurry@dover.k12.pa.us Supervisor, Food Services

Funke Kelly
kfunke@dover.k12.pa.us Secretary, Special Education

Gerber William
wgerbe@dover.k12.pa.us Groundsman

Hake Marsha mhake@dover.k12.pa.us
Secretary, Language Arts Supervisor/Pupil Personnel Services Director

Holtzapple Barbara bholtz@dover.k12.pa.us
Administrative Assistant to Superintendent

Holtzapple Karen kholtz@dover.k12.pa.us Secretary, Business Manager

Hoover Carl choove@dover.k12.pa.us Groundsman

Hoover, Todd thoove@dover.k12.pa.us Supervisor, Building and Grounds

Kann Jeffrey jkann@dover.k12.pa.us Maintenance

Kraft Linda lkraft@dover.k12.pa.us Purchasing Manager, Data Processing

Lankford David dlankf@dover.k12.pa.us Chief, Building Maintenance

Rinker Faye frinke@dover.k12.pa.us Supervisor, Transportation

Smith Jean jsmith@dover.k12.pa.us Accountant

Tina Stoner tstone@dover.k12.pa.us Switchboard Operator, Taxes, Substitutes

Strausbaugh Gene gstrau@dover.k12.pa.us Messenger, Driver

Torbert Hugh htorbe@dover.k12.pa.us Technology Coordinator

Wallen Belinda bwalle@dover.k12.pa.us Acting Business Manager

Wickwire Deb dwickw@dover.k12.pa.us Supervisor, Special Education

Zeigler Carolyn czeigl@dover.k12.pa.us Custodial

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